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Translating CABEZON.ERR

Author(s): Robert Riebisch

Cabezon version 0.08 ships with compiler error messages in Japanese language only. This is a showstopper, if you don't know that language. That includes me. So I started translating to English in January 2020.

All messages are in a plain-text file\CABEZON.ERR. You can use either Total Commander's internal viewer, Notepad2, or Notepad++ to load the file in Shift-JIS/Shift_JIS encoding. I fed every single line from CABEZON.ERR to the Google Translate service. The results were astonishingly good.

Text appearing red (also * symbol at the end of the line) means, that I'm not satisfied with the current translation. Either because of an unclear meaning or by just mixing cases for Pascal language keywords. -- My goal is to clear any red text over time. This requires some playing with Cabezon and looking at its source code to get a better understanding. -- If you would like to contribute, please contact me.

Error codes 60 to 64 are currently not used in Cabezon, so corresponding error messages are undefined.

A ready-to-use English CABEZON.ERR can be downloaded from the Cabezon main page.

0No error
1Use = instead of :=
2Use := instead of =
3Identifier not declared
4Identifier duplicated*
5Variable or function name required
6Expression must not contain procedures*
7The preceding factor cannot be followed by this symbol*
8Incorrect number of procedure / function arguments
9Declaration or begin required*
10Something other than simple auto variable after for*
11String constant length is too large
12String or array name in illegal position*
13The second byte of the kanji code is invalid
14Constants, procedures and functions are not lvalues*
15Label required
16Not enough memory for symbol table
17Argument type mismatch
18Label value is over 0-9999
19Array or string size is invalid
20There is a duplicate case label*
21Label definition is invalid in interface part*
22End of file detected before program exit*
23End of file detected in the middle of the string*
24End of file detected in the middle of a comment
25For floating point numbers. A number is required after or E*
26Integer constant is too large
27Illegal character in hexadecimal constant
28Expected constant*
29Inappropriate constant for upper / lower limit of range type
30Upper and lower limit types of range type are different
31Lower bound value is greater than upper bound of range type
32Sign can only be attached to a number*
33Unit name and file name are incompatible*
34Type is different from declaration
35Duplicate case constants
36Function procedure argument differs from forward declaration*
37Function / procedure declared forward is undefined
38Left and right types do not match
39This type cannot appear in context*
40Procedure or function name required
41Calling a function as a procedure
42Record field not found
43You cannot assign the return value of this function*
44Cannot cast these types*
45Only local variables can be used as control variables in for statement*
46The expression in the with statement must be record type*
47Label definition is duplicated*
48You cannot jump into a structural sentence with goto*
49Label not defined
50Type of for statement does not match*
51new / dispose argument must be a pointer*
52Referencing undefined tag in variable record*
53String is too long. Truncated*
54Constant (expression) value is out of range*
55Unable to open input file
56packed or huge appeared in wrong place*
57huge arrays cannot be specified as return type for local variables or functions*
58Cannot assign entire huge array*
59huge array cannot be a record or array element*
65leave statement can only be used inside a loop*
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Page last modified on 2020-12-01T20:26